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Wedding Planning on a Budget

Don’t have unlimited funds to create your dream wedding?  Don’t worry, most couples don’t.  We know what it’s like to work within a budget. It IS possible to have a wedding that is stylish, memorable and fun by getting creative in just the right spots, so that your personality can still shine through, but not break the bank.

Top 20 Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding

Hint #1 – Prioritize.  Plan to spend your budget on the things that matter to you most.  For example, spending a little extra on a great photographer will give you gorgeous memories that will last a lifetime.  Nobody remembers the flower arrangements.

Hint #2 – Plan Ahead.  Download our Wedding Planning Checklist to get started.

Hint #3 – Once you are ready to start interviewing caterers…download our guide – Questions to Ask your Wedding Caterer, so you’ll know the right questions to ask to avoid getting hit with hidden costs after the fact.

Hint #4 – Be Flexible on the Date.  Your wedding venue will be one of your biggest expenses.  Being willing to select an off-peak date can save you hundreds!

Hint #5 – Choose pretty much any day other than a Saturday and you can usually get a better rate.  Consider Friday evening or Sunday afternoon. Sunday brunch weddings are also becoming popular.

Hint #6Choose a non-traditional venue. Consider a historic landmark, a local vineyard or an art gallery. Fort Worth has some really beautiful wedding venues, but be sure to reserve your venue well ahead of time since the popular ones get booked fast!

Hint #7 – Email your Save the Date card. Take a fun picture with all the relevant details, then simply email it to your guest list.

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Hint #8 – Reception Beverages.  Bring your own. The bar tab is generally the most expensive part of the refreshments. Find a venue that allows you to bring your own liquor, beer, and wine.

Hint #9 – Consider serving beer and wine only.  This is a common compromise that doesn’t violate any etiquette rules. Or plan a cocktail hour with champagne or a signature cocktail, then switch to just beer and wine at your reception.

Hint #10 – Make your own Centerpieces.  Make the centerpieces at your shower or gather your friends for brunch.  This is an area where you can have a lot of fun but not have to spend much money, especially if you make all the centerpieces yourself.

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Hint #11 – Consider cutting your guest list.  Your friends will understand and less guests means less $$ spent on catering, invitations, even centerpieces!

Hint #12 – Stick to just one or two kinds of flowers. Choose flowers that are in season, then add some extra greenery or baby’s breath to fluff up your bouquets.  Or better yet, give your florist your budget and let them be creative.

Hint #13 – Have the guys wear pocket squares instead of a boutonniere. No one will miss them.

Hint #14 – More BANG for your buck. If you are not having a sit down meal, consider having the florist create one ‘WOW!’ creation that sits near the bar or the middle of the room.  Then use simple candle centerpieces for the tables.

Hint #15 – Instead of paying for waitstaff and having everyone wait to be served, have a buffet style with 2 or 3 stations to keep the lines moving. Buffet style can save you 20-30% over a formal sit-down service.

Hint #16 – Want live music? Try a local band that hasn’t made it big yet. There are great up & coming groups playing everywhere, all you need to do is scope them out.  (This is also a great excuse for girl’s night out!)

Hint #17 – Skip the wedding cake. Cake pops, cupcake towers, even wedding pie, who says you have to be traditional.  Be creative, have 3 or 4 kinds of dessert.  Or have a small wedding cake and serve your guests from a sheet cake in the kitchen…no one will ever know.  🙂

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Hint #18 – Save paper, and money, create a wedding website. If you are web savvy, create a website with all the details. Then, rather than send multiple cards for each event, like the rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, bridal shower, etc, just direct everyone to the website for information. Saves on postage too!

Hint #19 – Save on printing. Print one ceremony program per couple, instead of one per guest. Same for menus if you have them.

Hint #20 – Skip the wedding planner. Just because you haven’t planned a wedding before, doesn’t mean you need a coordinator.  You know what you want. Do your research, work with experienced, friendly wedding vendors and ask lots of questions. Start with a checklist, graduate to a notebook or website as you go. Leverage friends and family who are super organized or have great connections. Planning your own wedding can be fun AND save you a ton of money.


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