1116 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104  817.348.9000 (cafe), 817.423.7521 (fax)


We are off on our honeymoon, but wanted to let you know everyone raved about the food at our wedding!


~ Eva & Tyler

“Everything was fabulous!  Many comments were made about how delicious the lasagna tasted.  Thank you for everything!  I am forwarding on your information to my colleagues Stacey and Julie!  I plan to come by the new location on Monday with a nurse for lunch so hopefully I will see you then!”

~ Erin S., Cook Children’s Hospital

“Thank you so much for catering our wedding! Everything turned our beautiful! I have had so many compliments on the food! Numerous people have asked me about your location and information!  I cannot thank you and your staff enough for doing such a fantastic job!

Thank you!!!”

~ Daren & Victoria P.

“Carlo! It was wonderful…everyone loved the food! Especially the chicken salad! People were grabbing your brochures, it was so cool to see. We are very grateful for you and your hard work! We were reading about Z’s being a family business and all the work you guys do for the community and I was near tears! I will be in touch soon for the party in June!”

~ Kristiane W.

“Lunch was fabulous!  Everyone talked very highly of the quality of food!!!  Just wanted to pass that news on!  I look forward to using Z’s Café again soon!”

~ Erin, Cook Children’s Hospital

“Great lunch at Z’s Cafe. Delicious lunch, loved the Texas caviar. And that touch of sweet at the end–brownie bit and half strawberry. Ymmm. The staff bends over backward to see that customers are happy–we were. That’s an undiscovered gem of a lunch place.”

~ Judy A.

“Dearest Janet,

What a wonderful repast – your vegetable plate with cheesy cauliflower, spaghetti squash, egg plant, etc. etc. Thanks so much for your fabulous (healthy) culinary creativity!!”

~ Marilyn and George K.

“So fantastic! I am hooked and will definitely be using Z’s again. It was an impressive spread. Great value. Thanks for the email!”

~ Dacia C.

“Hi Carlo!!
I want to write a long and proper note to you and ur staff thanking them for all they did for our wedding. Can you tell me again the crew that was on that evening? (May 28th) I don’t want to leave anyone out.

Also, I have a weird request for you. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the food that was served and mainly about the CHEESES during the appetizer hour!!! Can you tell me what kinds of cheeses were used and how I may be able to order those again from you? Even just today I was asked again for that info!!

Please know now how great we thought everything turned out!!
Thanks so much.”

~ Angie C.

“We were so happy to receive the brownies again this year. We mentioned you from the podium at lunch and EVERYONE clapped. People know Z’s Café, your great work – and the reason you exist. Clearly you are loved in this community. Thanks for sharing some of that love with us at the Tarrant Area Community of Churches’ MLK Day of Service.


~ Tarrant Area Community of Churches

“I had a moment and thought I would let you know that our guests and Greg and I really enjoyed the meal you supplied.  I also wanted to commend the two young men for the wonderful clean up job they did.

Thank you for helping to make our wedding very nice indeed.”

~ Linda & Greg

“Hello, Carlo!
I wanted to thank you and your team for making our wedding reception so wonderful! I received rave reviews on the Z’s spread…even from my Mother…and that’s hard to do!  ;)”

~ Daniella M.

“Your staff is amazing!! The reception is something you want to go “right” and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  They were attentive and gracious from start to finish.  Thank you again, for all YOU did as well, to make this day wonderful.”

~ Ruby & Aaron

“Carlo, wanted to report the box lunches were ideal!  Everyone was very complimentary and enjoyed their meals. Thanks for the excellent lunches.  Some were unaware of the restaurant so passed along where you are located.”

~ UNT Health Science Center

“It’s so nice to see Z’s doing such great work in the community.  You don’t expect that from most restaurants.  Keep up the good work!”

~ Holly C., The Parenting Center

“You’re a hit with Mimir!! Thanks so much; everyone was pleased, including me!! All boxes were taken, so I’ll have to come for lunch soon to get my own chicken salad!!

Everything was labeled so well, and stacked perfectly.  We’ll do this again!! Thanks!”

~ Fredrieka C.

“We had the Portabella dinner last night, “That’s the best Portabella I’ve ever eaten.” Wonderful flavors! We appreciate your culinary talents and your knowledgeable preparation of these nutritious meals.”

~ Marilyn & George K.

“This was my lunch Thursday–chicken piccata, bowtie pasta, green beans, and a wonderful melange of sauteed spinach and cherry tomatoes—I highly recommend Z’s Cafe!”

~ Judy A.

“Janet, your mac and cheese is like loaves and fishes!  It fed a lot of kids last week at the mini camp adventur-a-thon and today at the dinner break, I fed it to a bunch of hungry teenagers – they loved it!  btw, it froze beautifully, nice surprise.”

~ Becky W.

“Thank you so much for the lunch. Everything was wonderful and went smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

~ Cydney G.

“I was happy to do business with Z’s Cafe because of their professionalism, attention to detail, and homemade food.  The pricing options were just what I was looking for.  After tasting the food at my wedding reception, I couldn’t believe I got such a great deal on authentic cuisine.  I’m even glad I overestimated the number of guests.  Now we have some Z’s Cafe right in our freezer!”

~ Ashley W.

“Just a quick note to say thanks for providing some really memorable food for our son’s 25th birthday celebration.  To a person, everyone really enjoyed the Italian Beef.  It was a big hit.  And we were more than happy to tell everyone where we got it.

Thanks, Z’s and Carlo.  We’ll see you again soon.”

Tom K., Southwest Airlines

“Thank you very much for all of your help.  Rebekah was so pleased.  The presentation and food was amazing.

Thank you again!”

~ Dawn Marie B., Fort Worth Association of Realtors

“Thank you so much Carlo, we absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for returning this to us, I’ll forward it to my accounting rep. Again, thanks for the wonderful meal – I’ll be sure to add y’all to our reoccurring catering companies. We have two meetings at the end of every month, so hopefully I’ll be contacting you soon! Thanks again!”

~ Ann Elise P., Law Offices of Ross & Matthews, P. C.

“Thanks again for all of your help! We had our most successful event yesterday, taking care of 82 parents for the day. Many smiles and sighs of relief! I will keep you posted on other opportunities and would also like to use you guys again for a subsequent Spa day. And must say, the chicken salad is amazing and everyone commented on it.”

~ Daren L.