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Chef Janet – Great Women of Texas

Our very own Chef Chef Janet & Sous Chef David - Z's Cafe & CateringJanet was recently recognized as a Great Woman of Texas.  She is our inspiration and we truly appreciate her work and dedication to the Cafe and the crew!

Read her bio below or see more pictures of the event.

To request Chef Janet participate in your event, contact her directly at (817) 348.9000.


Chef Janet, executive Chef, co-owner Z's Cafe & Catering, local, family-owned

Co-owner and executive chef Janet Z. Capua’s love for good food, family and friends dates back to her childhood. She began cooking at the age of 9 because her father loved to eat, but neither parent could cook, so she named the Cafe Z’s in honor of her parents, John and Marie Zito, who encouraged her culinary efforts.

What makes Janet Capua and Z’s Café special is their collaboration with Fort Worth-based Samaritan House, a nonprofit organization. Samaritan House provides permanent and temporary housing for low-income/homeless individuals with special needs. Z’s Café hires exclusively from Samaritan House, providing training and an opportunity to return to the workforce for their new (and oftentimes inexperienced) employees.  This partnership, coupled with great food (especially their famous chicken salad) and a warm atmosphere where customers are treated like family, has endeared Z’s Café to Fort Worth residents.

Personal Philosophy: The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. Once you decide why….the wonderful journey begins.

Janet’s personal culinary passion reflects the growing trend towards a healthier, more organic lifestyle. Working with local farmers to find the freshest, nutrient-rich ingredients, and renewing traditional family recipes to accommodate individual dietary needs is the essence of her cuisine. Janet understands that education is a key ingredient to a healthier lifestyle. Her unique series of classes serves to both educate young chefs on the benefits of organic food and empower them to create healthy versions of family favorites.

Chef Janet believes in giving back to the local community. She rarely misses an opportunity to co-host local charity events with her friends and fellow celebrity chefs in Fort Worth. On a daily basis, Chef Janet sets the standard for excellent customer service visiting with customers personally and offering her wisdom to her staff not only in terms of training but also on a personal level. She is most happy when her staff is thriving and does everything possible to make that

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