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Curtis – Food Designer Extraordinaire

By: Allison Busse

Originally born and raised in Kallispell, Montana Curtis Workman moved to Fort Worth in 2009 for a change of pace and to find a new life.  Curtis has been in the food industry since high school and from his first job working at a pizza shop, he has loved it.  He truly enjoys working with food and he is great with people. Thankfully The Samaritan House put two and two together and realized that he would be a perfect fit for working here at Z’s Café.

For over two years now Curtis has been working at Z’s Café and he is a big part of the catering aspect of our company. His normal duties include delivering, setting up, serving, and cleaning up from catering events. He loves working on the catering side because as he says, “I get to work independently and I am always learning.” Plus he has a great eye for visual presentation.  Curtis explained that while at the events he learns something new every time from either the new people he meets or from the event itself. He likes to sit back and listen to the events and learn about what programs are going on around Fort Worth. He is constantly broadening his knowledge and loves that aspect of his job.

Not only is he gaining general knowledge while on the job, but he is also learning new things about himself. Delivering and serving catering orders has taught him to think outside the box and realize that one must always expect the unexpected. Sometimes things will go wrong with catering orders and this has allowed him to see that life cannot be regimented. Now he is better able to think on his feet as well as think outside the box, boxed lunch that is!

Growing and learning from the job here at Z’s Café is not the only part of his life that is he learning from, he is also attending TCC part time. He is working on obtaining his Associate of Arts Degree. He is in school part time so he will not be able to graduate for a while, but he loves taking classes and of course we think it’s awesome that he is taking his education to the next level.

Curtis is a wonderful employee that we love to have around. We wish him all the best with his classes and hope that he keeps learning everyday both on the job and in school.



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