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Family time in the Kitchen

Sharing family meals can be difficult. Between work and school and soccer practice it sometimes seems there isn’t enough time to grab take out never mind cook a whole meal at home. And coordinating schedules enough to eat at the same table? Forget about it.

The undeniable fact though, is that spending time as a family unit, cooking and sharing meals together can be very beneficial. Cooking together can be a chance to explore family history and culture as well as pass down great recipes and traditions through generations. Maybe even to take time to create a new treasured family recipe. It can be a great chance for children to learn how to read recipes, apply basic math and measurement skills, and include healthy foods in their regular diets.

Homemade Pasta Classes at Z's CafeDon’t know how to cook? Take a class. There are many establishments that offer engaging cooking classes for everything as basic as pasta and red sauce to a complex creme brulee with raspberry souffle. Many classes even include both parents and children in their registration. Whatever your skill level, the important step is to try. Experiment with what you know and expand your repertoire, taking old favorites like mac and cheese and adding broccoli or chives or some exciting spices. Kids appreciate the chance to explore new things and discover new ideas, so kick back and enjoy the learning experience with them. 6 Lessons Children Learn from Cooking

Parents participating in a program called Cooking Together for Family Meals put on by Cornell University reported feeling more confident tweaking recipes, including vegetables in meals and working in the kitchen with their children. Kids similarly reported an increased interest in cooking and spending quality time in the kitchen.

Come on…sprinkle some flour on the table, see what you can create!



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