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Friends of Z’s

With childhood cousins from Chicago at the cafe.
Carlo with friends.
Kathleen Hicks & Vedat Lika
Even kids love our chicken salad.
Feeding TCU's international students.
Carlo with HIV activist Albertina Zodwa Nyatsi from Swaziland, Africa.
Janet with Betty Bob, the mother of Broadway (she made "Memories" famous) and TV (Eight is Enough) star Betty Buckley.
Friends of Z's
Carlo with Gary & Jane Cumbie
Friends of Z's
Carl Sr. with friends
Janet with Food Network TV star Sandra Lee.
Carlo with a guest from the Japanese Consulate in Houston.
Carlo with 2011 American Idol top 12 finalist Tim Halperin.
Janet with Food Network TV star Paula Deen.
Friends of Z's
The girls of MMA love Z's Cafe!
Janet with Fort Worth City Councilwman Kathleen Hicks.
Carlo & Irene Chase, FW Visitor & Convention Bureau
Carl Sr. with friends
Friends of Z's
Chef Janet & Will Northern
Councilman Dennis Shingleton at Cafe 2 Grand Opening
Carlo with Irish guest and TCU alumna Dierdre Walsh.
Carlo and Chef
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