• Wedding Songs for a Summer Ceremony

    Summer love, happened so fast...



    The right music can help set the perfect atmosphere and ambiance for your wedding.  Whether you are hiring a DJ or a live band for your reception you’ll want to sit down with your musicians and let them know what your tastes are. They will likely have a certain style however (it may in fact be the reason you picked them) so try to pick a few must hears and a few must not hears and then let them their job.

    Wedding Ceremony Music

    The most basic wedding ceremony music setup generally involves three types of songs:

    • preludes - what plays while people arrive.
    • processionals- what plays as the wedding party enters
    • recessionals - what plays at the conclusion of the ceremony

    If Wagner’s Bridal March is just not your style, here are some fun alternatives to celebrate a summer wedding:

    Reception Music

    The reception is often a little less formal and usually includes, the couple’s first dance, a mother son song and a father daughter song, as well as some upbeat tunes for dancing later on. Choosing your first dance song will feel like the biggest decision ever, but the whole evening can be filled with music that makes you both happy. Some of the top wedding songs for summer include:

    Summer Wedding Songs


    DFW Bands/ Fort Worth Wedding Bands

    Looking for wedding bands in Fort Worth? We’ve got some ideas for you.

    The Grooves

    DFW Bands

    Gig Masters

  • Z’s in the Blue Zone of Downtown Fort Worth

    • July 21, 2015 - 12:58 pm
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    The Z’s family is so excited to join the list of downtown Fort Worth restaurants to be Blue Zone approved! But what does that really mean about our cafe and catering?


    Live Long Forth Worth - bluezonesproject.com


    The Blue Zones Project is an effort to make the Fort Worth community a healthier, happier place to live, work, and play.  Providing healthy food options has always been important to Z's, but now we’ve taken those goals even further. Some things we’ve done to be Blue Zone Certified include:


    • Taking Salt Shakers off the table (and giving them out by request instead)
    • Putting up signage that encourages people to take to-go boxes (eat until you're 80% full)
    • Putting up signage encouraging people to drink water
    • Creating a kids menu
    • Creating low-calorie options
    • Offering free substitutions from sandwiches to multi grain wraps
    • Hosting Blue Zone committee meetings
    • Creating Blue Zone-friendly catering options

    Apparently people live longer with lower rates of chronic disease and higher quality of life in communities where the following is true: high vegetable consumption, physical and social activity, strong family ties and friendships, a strong sense of purpose and connection to faith-based groups.

    Since these are values that the Z's Cafe family already embraces, we are thrilled to make any changes that will help make it easier for folks eating in downtown Fort Worth to make healthy meal plans.

    Check out our Blue Zone friendly catering options here.

  • Bridal Shower Planning Ideas & Checklist

    • April 14, 2015 - 4:13 pm
    • Planning Your Wedding
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    scallops wrapped in bacon, Z's Cafe & CateringTwo Months Before

    • Set the date - Showers are generally held anywhere from two weeks to two months before the wedding.
    • Put together a guest list - If you are the host, you should set the number of guests you're comfortable inviting. Request a guest list from the bride (as long as it’s not a surprise.)
    • Choose a theme - This is not mandatory, but can be helpful in making food, decoration, and entertainment choices.
    • Find a location - It could be your home or a nearby venue. If you choose an outside venue be sure to talk to them about what they provide vs. what you will need to provide (i.e. tables, linens, other rentals)
    • Order your invitations - Is the shower a surprise? Be sure to clearly state that and ask everyone to arrive early. Don't forget to let people know how to RSVP.

    Six Weeks Before the Shower

    • Send out invitations - sure there are lots of online options for Evites, but getting something in the mail is fun too!
    • Pick out decorations and centerpieces - you don't need to go overboard here, some clean white table cloths and a few colorful centerpieces can brighten up an entire room.  Here are some ideas for you - DIY Centerpiecesbridal shower diy centerpieces
    • Plan your menu - Be sure to leave enough time for food prep the day before and the day of...or make things easy and have it catered--> Z’s catering menu
    • Prep a couple party games - “What’s in Your Purse” is simple yet fun, with minimal prep.  It's a great way to break the ice to get people laughing and talking with each other.

    A Week Before the Shower

    • Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet
    • Shop for and prepare food, if necessary - if you are hosting/catering yourself it may be helpful to make a food prep schedule. Some things can be made days ahead of time while other dishes require attention on the day of the shower.
    • Make your decorations - if you are going the DIY route, it's a good idea to make them ahead of time in case you need extra supplies or an idea you had does not work out so well in reality.  :)
    • Assemble/prepare shower gifts or favors for guests - make all your guests feel special with theseHandmade Gift Ideas

    Day of the Shower

    • Set up a gift table - Don’t forget a notebook and a pen to record gifts, for thank yous later.  Asking someone to help you make notes during gift opening is always a good idea.
    • Get balloons for outside the venue - this simple trick makes it so much easier for your guests to find the party.
    • Have Fun!

    More Fort Worth Bridal Shower Resources

     ~ Haute Cakes & Cookies - Cookies! And cakes!
     ~ Petal Printing - Personalized and monogrammed gifts
     ~ ShutterBooth - Photo booth rentals
     ~ Prim&Proper - A gift boutique for women
  • Win Tickets to Dirty Dancing at Bass Hall!


    Send Us an Email Now to be entered in the drawing. Include your name, email & phone number so we can reach you if you win.

    Increase your chances of winning by ordering Z's Cafe catering.  Between now and June 20th, for every $10 of catering you order, your name will be entered again!  (minimum catering order $35)

    Dirty Dancing at Bass Hall is presented by the local arts groupPerforming Arts Fort Worth.

  • Join the FitWorth Challenge - Blue Zone Restaurants, Southside

    • March 1, 2015 - 1:50 pm
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    2015 FitWorth Challenge

    February 2nd through March 13th

    carlo & rachaelThe Z's Cafe team has always encouraged a healthy lifestyle both by offering healthy menu options and by being involved in local Fort Worth initiatives. This competition seems to be a great fit for us and we invite all of our friends to join us in answering Mayor Price's call to get involved in the FitWorth Challenge!

    This is a six-week health competition.  Join with a buddy or form a team, then log at www.fitworthtrack.com to track nutrition, physical activity, and weight loss.  You can even earn points for running in or volunteering at the Cowtown Marathon, attending a healthy cooking class from Tarrant Area Food Bank, participating in the FitWorth Restaurant Crawl, and more. The challenge is open to everyone, don't wait!

    FitWorth Restaurant Crawl Locations

    More FitWorth Events...

  • Wedding Invitation Wording

    Whether you are going for elegant or cute, traditional or unique, your wedding invitations play an important role in the festivities.  They convey the personality or theme of your wedding, as well as bride-groominforming people of the details of your event.  Even if you have a wedding website, physical invitations still play a key role. Here are some ideas to get you started.


    Key points to remember:

    • Keep it simple - Even the most creative invitation should spell out all essential wedding info -- who's getting married, who's hosting and where, when and what time the ceremony will take place.
    • Traditional Invitation Wording - The host is listed first on the invitation.
    • More formal invitations will spell everything out, including the time of the ceremony (i.e. Fifth of November Two Thousand Fifteen)
    • On classic wedding invitations, there's generally a request line or a call to action after the host's name -- something along the lines of "request the honor of your presence."
    • RSVP - Most invitations include the address of the ceremony.  Some also include the address of the reception. RSVP information can be included right on the invitation or on a separate RSVP card. (RSVP cards are easier if you'd like people to respond by mail.)  Either way, it's important to let your guests know what to do next!


    Invitation Format & Wording


    Formal Invitations

    formal invite.2

    wedding invitation wording_short, to the point.2

    Less Formal Invitation

    wedding invitation wording_less formal.2

     Fun Invitations

    wedding invitation wording_for fun.2

    wedding invitation wording_gettin hitched.2

  • What to expect at a Bridal Show or Wedding Expo

    • January 12, 2015 - 1:40 pm
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    What to expect at a Bridal Show or Wedding ExpoNow that you’re engaged what’s next?

    How do you plan? Where do the ideas come from? One option is to attend a bridal show. A bridal show or wedding expo is generally a showcase of offerings by a variety vendors who could be involved in producing a wedding. This can include florists, caterers, cake designers, travel agents, wedding coordinators, dress and tuxedo retailers, etc. It can be a great way to see what’s out there and start gathering ideas for wedding themes.

    Some shows charge people to attend but this is not always the case. Often those that have a cover charge will also have fashion shows, food/drinks or expensive door prizes as enticements. Since most shows will have a list of which vendors are attending on their website, do your research and let this guide your choice.

    Bridal shows are often held in convention centers or other expansive venues, and can be quite large. You should plan to spend several hours there to give yourself time to explore it fully.

    What to bring

    • A tote bag - to carry any packets or flyers you may pick up. And a pen to make notes on those flyers so you can tell them apart later.
    • Address stickers - with your name, address, wedding date and phone number, to save you time in filling out forms. * If you plan to give out email contact info,consider setting up a “wedding” email account, so that your personal email isn’t bombarded with emails from wedding vendors.
    • A camera - to record any great visual setups. Though be sure to ask vendors first before snapping away.
    • Walking shoes - these venues are large and there is a lot to see

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some vendors will want you to book right away to “lock in your discount.” Ask if you can get still get the discount for booking an appointment with them to go over further details. Sometimes it's better to resist the urge to book at the show so you can check out all of your options first.

    And most of all, remember to have fun! Even if you don’t make any hard decisions, it can be neat to simply check out all the possibilities.

    Bridal Shows in DFW   Looking for a trendy take on wedding cake, try our wedding cupcake tower

    Bridal Shows in Dallas - Jan 24-25 2015

    Bridal Shows in Fort Worth - Feb 1st, 2015

    Wedding Wire

    Perfect Wedding Guide


  • Party Planning: Buffet Style Food Bars

    • November 10, 2014 - 4:26 pm
    • Party Theme Ideas
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    Z's Cafe & Catering

    Don't worry about dinner ideas for your event, try a food bar and let this buffet style serving option take the stress out of your party planning. No more worrying about who specifically wanted chicken or fish or the vegetarian option. Provide the options and let people choose. Different spreads can even give a bit of character to an event or highlight the theme of the evening.


    The Pick Your Own Toppings bars

    Omelette bar: Works as brunch or as breakfast for dinner, and can include anything from a classic sausage and peppers to a fancier capers and salmon.

    Taco bar: Tacos may seem common place at first but when you put seared baja fish, with grapefruit salsa, cotija, and avocado together, you may just be surprised at how fancy you feel. Or try these 21 other taco recipes.


    Come Back To Try Every Kind barsIMG_0873-150x150

    Mac & Cheese bar: Throw it in a martini glass to dress it up, or celebrate it as a comfort food. Bacon and cheddar mac & cheese. Pesto and parmesan mac & cheese. Lobster and Gruyere. Your guests will love you.

    Grilled Cheese bar: Don’t think this classic sandwich gives you many options? Check our pinterest board with over 40 melty, delicious grilled cheese ideas to offer.


    There’s Always Room For Dessert bars

    Even delicious peanut butter cookies can be made gluten free  Frozen Yogurt bar: Flavors ranging from tart and tropical to sweet and chocolatey, along with an endless list of   potential toppings, the options here are only limited by your imagination.

      Cookies & Milk bar: Invoking a little bit of childhood nostalgia. Pick out all your favorite kinds of cookies and share them with your friends.

  • How to De-stress When Planning Your Wedding

    • September 30, 2014 - 6:16 pm
    • Planning Your Wedding
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    Wedding Stress ReliefFeeling overwhelmed by a long list of to-do’s that you haven’t to-done yet?

    Planning your wedding is supposed to be wonderful, amazing and fun....but sometimes making wedding arrangements can become overwhelming and threaten to take over your life.  Part of what causes stress is thinking about everything you have on your list all at once. We’ve gathered a few strategies that we recommend to help relieve your wedding planning stress and get back to enjoying yourself.

    Meditation to Relieve Stress

    According to the Mayo Clinic:

    “When you meditate, you clear away the information overload that builds up every day and contributes to your stress.”

    Benefits of mediation include:

    • Gaining clarity and peace of mind
    • Seeing things from a new perspective
    • Reducing negative emotions
    • Learning and refining skills that help you manage stress
    • Increasing self-awareness and focusing on the present moment

    Because mediation takes a fair amount of calm and concentration, the place you choose for meditating can be very important. You want to create a space that feels safe and relaxing to you. You can do this in your home by finding a quiet, de-cluttered space to set up in. Or if you need a little help, we found some local classes to guide you.

    Absolutely no time for a class? Just need a quick escape? We CHALLENGE you to DoNothingfor2Minutes.com!  Can you relax and do nothing for 2 full minutes?

    Exercise to Relieve Stress

    Exercise can help you burn that anxious energy. It also fills your blood stream with the feel good endorphins (the neurotransmitters responsible for runners high.) Like meditation, it helps to steer your mind away from stressful thoughts that so often clutter the brain. It also helps to build the self-confidence you need to tackle those difficult wedding decisions.

    Exercise Ideas:

    • Need to get out some frustration? Try kickboxing and learn some valuable self-defense techniques while you’re at it,
    • Dancing is always a fun, creative way to burn calories,
    • Don’t like leaving the house to exercise? There are hundreds of exercise classes available for free on Youtube,
    • Yoga is another great way to de-stress that has some meditative elements and also improves flexibility, posture, and strength.

    Places to exercise in Fort Worth:

    Where to do Yoga in Fort Worth:

    Overall it’s important to know yourself and your limits. Taking a mental and physical time-out when you are feeling overwhelmed, allows you to come back to the task at hand feeling refreshed and energized.  Just remember to take your list one to-do at a time.

  • Beat the Heat at an Outdoor Wedding

    by: Katherine Shaye

    There are few things quite as natural and beautiful as an outdoor wedding. There are also few things as unpredictable. Wind, rain and even an overabundant sun can quickly change the dynamics of your reception. You can’t control the weather, but you can certainly be prepared for whatever blows your way. Here are some ideas to beat the heat and be prepared for what ever comes your way on your wedding day.

    Fun Lighting Ideas

    One way to enjoy your Texas wedding is to have it in the evening just after the sun goes down.  The light is beautiful in the evening and you can keep the party rockin’ with outdoor lighting that doubles as decoration.

    Outdoor Texas Weddings - Z's Cafe & Catering

    • Fairy Lights or Christmas Lights (any string if delicate lights will give a soft warm ambiance to your reception)
    • Contained Fire Pit (this will also provide a bit of heat if it’s chilly out)
    • Candles (mix citronella candles with decorative ones for ambiance and bug protection)
    • Tiki Torches (smoke from these can also repel insects)

    All Kinds of Weather 


    • Create shade, either with umbrellas, canopies, or strategically setting up chairs underneath a tree
    • Design programs that double as fans
    • Offer complimentary sunscreen and bug spray to your guests
    • Provide parasols for guests
    • Give away sunglasses as wedding favors
    • Consider renting some large Port-a-Cool fans that create cool air and keep it moving
    • Cover your food.  Nothing tastes worse than food that is dry or insufficiently warm.


    • Umbrellas can double as sun and light rain protection depending on their size.
    • Keep a stash of towels around to dry off feet or seats if a light rain blows through


    • Weigh things down that might blow away
    • Fasten table cloths to the table (remind your rental company to include the clips, as they sometimes will forget them)
    • Set-up buffet table away from wind.  Sometimes the sterno flame will not stay lit and food will get cold.
    • Provide blankets or wraps if it might get chilly

    Seasoned Dishes

    Spring/Summer Menu Suggestions:  outdoor weddings

    • Fresh Fruit Platter/Fruit Skewers (fruit will be in season and extra sweet)
    • Green Beans Amandine
    • Chicken Epinard
    • New Potatoes w/ Dill (dill is said to be a cooling spice; great for summer dishes)

    Beat the Heat

    • Keep food covered and in coolers if necessary
    • Ice bucket is a fancy way to make ice available
    • Provide water and ice, especially to the wedding party who will be running around all day
    • Keep cake cool, so the icing doesn’t melt

    Fall/ Winter Food Suggestions:

    • Bacon-Wrapped Chicken
    • Mac ‘n Cheese Bar (a little comfort food to warm the soul)
    • Z’s Chicken Parmesan Marinara
    • Soups/Stews

    Stay Warm & Toasty

    • Keep food covered and consider warming plates
    • Provide warm beverages (like hot cocoa or a hot toddy)
    • A Fire Pit at the reception provides light and warmth

    Wedding Idea Boards:

    Backyard Weddings  |  Kids at Weddings  |  DIY Place Settings

    Two of our favorite outdoor wedding venues...Fort Worth Botanic Garden and Bell Tower Chapel. -

    Find your perfect wedding venue  Fort Worth Wedding Venues