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Setting a Lovely Table

Hosting a sit down dinner party soon? Impress your guests with a beautiful table to enjoy along with a spectacular meal. Here are some of our favorite ways to liven up a table setting:


Centerpieces – Centerpieces can be a lovely addition, but be sure they aren’t so high that guests can’t see each other around them. Check out our pinterest for some DYI centerpiece ideas.

Table Runner – Another simple yet lovely addition to a table setting. It can center the table and unify the visual theme of your party. Lace can bring a touch of elegance, while fun colors can lighten the whole table setup. Easy DYI Table Runners.

Cloth Napkins/ Napkin Rings – There are a number of simple ways to fold a napkin that can look very elegant especially with cloth napkins. Or if you want to add a pop of color or unique pattern use napkin rings instead.

carnations and crystal_smFlowers – Something floral brings a natural look and a fresh scent to the table; just be sure not to choose anything too fragrant that might interfere with the flavors of the meal.

Place Cards – Depending on how large or fancy your event is, a place card can be a nice addition to the table, taking the awkwardness out of choosing seats and giving guests the special comfort of knowing there is a place set up just for them.




Other Fun Table Setting Ideas
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