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One of the first smiling faces to greet you when you enter our Cafe is that of Willie Swiney, a two year veteran of Z’s. He can often be found whipping up chicken salad sandwiches, practically a staple at Z’s and one of Willie’s personal favorite dishes. During his time with the Z’s family Willie has worked in both Cafew’s, although he prefers our location in the Hospital District.  He loves the friendly atmosphere that seems ever present at Z’s.

Willie’s past jobs include dish washing at the Marriott as well as delivering and installing sheetrock, though he most favors work here at Z’s which is both steady and enjoyable.

In addition to preparing delicious food, Willie greets every customer who comes in the door and takes orders both in person and on the phone. Don’t be surprised the next time you call Z’s if Willie is on the other end of the line.
Before coming to Z’s, Willie lived in Kansas city, MO which he considers his hometown despite being born and spending his first five years in Louisiana. Three of his siblings still live in Kansas City and he is saving up his hard earned paychecks to go visit them. It’s been a great two years having Willie around and we look forward to many more.

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