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Z’s in the Blue Zone of Downtown Fort Worth

The Z’s family is so excited to join the list of downtown Fort Worth restaurants to be Blue Zone approved! But what does that really mean about our cafe and catering?


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The Blue Zones Project is an effort to make the Fort Worth community a healthier, happier place to live, work, and play.  Providing healthy food options has always been important to Z’s, but now we’ve taken those goals even further. Some things we’ve done to be Blue Zone Certified include:


Apparently people live longer with lower rates of chronic disease and higher quality of life in communities where the following is true: high vegetable consumption, physical and social activity, strong family ties and friendships, a strong sense of purpose and connection to faith-based groups.

Since these are values that the Z’s Cafe family already embraces, we are thrilled to make any changes that will help make it easier for folks eating in downtown Fort Worth to make healthy meal plans.

Check out our Blue Zone friendly catering options here.

BlueZone Restaurants Fort Worth




Z’s Café & Catering features:

For more information, contact co-owner Carlo Capua at carlo@zscafe.com or (214) 908-5452 (cell.)

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